Me Landscaping A Wisconsin Home For Sale
(that's me above removing rocks landscaping a home for sale in Rio, Wisconsin)

As a landscaper and Portage Wisconsin realtor I deal with many home owners and property owners who are looking for ways to increase the curb appeal and value of their property by adding landscape elements to the design.

Landscaping can not only increase the value of a property, but also add a variety of different elements depending on what the land owner wants to achieve. Home owners may want to landscape the area right up against the home to provide better grade and to add color and break up the often dull and mundane appearance of the lawn. Edging stones around paths, water features, rock gardens, mulch areas with flowers, bushes and shrubs are all popular ways to achieve a more enhanced home and garden landscape.

Tilling Rocks From Landscaping On Hunting Land

(Me landscaping around a food plot on hunting real estate in WI)


Many property owners have different objectives. Deer hunting in Wisconsin is very popular and has been for hundreds of years. Many people purchase hunting land for sale in Wisconsin with the sole purpose of using it for recreational and hunting purposes. Over the past 5 years or so landscaping on hunting land has become popular. Not with the intention of creating curb appeal, but with the sole purpose of attracting and holding wildlife, especially turkey and whitetail deer.

This type of landscape design shifts a bit towards land management as land owners work to create food plots and areas of heavy cover for wildlife to bed down in.

So my main purpose with this site is to provide home owners who are DIY handy, as well as recreational property owners who wish to attract more wildlife to their land with easy to use landscaping templates or plans of attack they can use. I also intend to get into rock engraving. Stone entry monuments and real rugged stuff like the rock pictured here. I love the look of an old school engraved landscaping rock or house address rock out in the yard.

When I speak with clients about home landscaping, or bow or rifle hunting property management I'm always pushing the importance of having a solid management plan and sticking to it. Even if it's just a small area next to an entryway. You want to make landscaping plan, and follow it through to completion. Nothing looks worse or functions as poorly as a landscaping or land management plan gone bad or hung out to dry. Not only can it be negative curb appeal, but it can actually lessen the value of the home or property as a whole. Using cheap vinyl siding instead of stucco, adding on to a home without a builders permit, using fake rocks instead of real, hand picked granite or sandstone landscaping boulders, poorly planning a flower garden or edged landscaped area - all of these types of things can have a huge negative impact on the quality, value and curb appeal of a piece of real estate.

But please bear with me as I am not very good with computers, so this site is a work in progress. I will add a page called templates where I intend to include easy to download landscape templates anyone can download and use free of charge as well as a links page where local Wisconsin businesses that I use or have used in the past can link from.

Side Note: The video below is a friend of mine living near the Wisconsin Dells who runs a company selling hunting land throughout central WI, he also owns an archery shop that specializes in bow hunting deer and crossbow reviews. Hunting with crossbows just became legal in WI recently. While managing land for whitetails isn't really considered landscaping, it is part of working with the land. Food plot design is something I am also getting into as it can help deer, turkey, grouse, and waterfowl survive harsh winters.

I will also be updating this website with information on Forest Management as it is becoming more and more important for land owners to understand the impact of different management practices and how important habitat is. Take ruffed grouse in WI for example. For years they have thrived, but now all of a sudden their numbers have gone down even despite the 7 year cycle upswing. By simply clear cutting areas, and allowing young aspen to grow, grouse populations have began to rebound. Go here for more info on how land owners can better manage their own personal forest landscapes: